Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Broken Crayons

Where do crayons go after they are no longer new and whole? When they are broken and used? We had a round, red tin. It was a little hard for little hands to pry open. I think there was a Christmas scene on the top. Something with a sleigh and a horse and snow and over the river and through the woodsy. The tin was big and it was fairly full. Of broken, used crayons. Some with partial labels. Some with no labels. The stubs with no labels were the hardest. Darkest bluest green looked just like black as did dark purple when unwrapped. Thinking you were grabbing black, the dog turned out to be green instead. The drawing was ruined. I am afraid for who ever decides to grab and use me to finish their drawing. I am broken, dull. A stub. The label has been removed. I probably look like something I am not. They will think they are getting one thing but will be getting something else instead. And it will ruin their drawing. And they will be angry at the damage I have caused. And they will throw me across the room and declare the ruin I have brought into their life. And what then? Returned to the tin with the other broken, unlabeled stubs. Or tossed away completely so the user will not make the same mistake again? You cannot make a used crayon new again. Nobody even tries. Nobody likes the broken ones.

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