Monday, April 13, 2009

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Meet my yellow friend, the Mini. We ran away from town on Easter. Anne and I went to LaConner to see the tulip fields. This was Tulip Festival weekend. But the tulips are late this year. We saw fields of them: still green. Lots of buds: not open yet. Ah, but the daffodils. They were out in numbers. Fields and fields of yellow. From pale yellow (almost white) to bright yellow (as bright as my car). We took advantage of a photo op of the new car in front of a yellow field. Later we crossed by ones that were the same color as the car but not a good place to turn out for a picture. At least there were no crowds. Usually at Tulip Festival the roads are crowded and people are everywhere. It was cold and windy and Easter, which made for light crowds. In fact we got into brunch at Calico Cupboard with no wait at all. Had a wonderful brunch and marveled at all the beautiful, scrumptious, huge bakery items.

Anne's son Hunter, who died of brain cancer two Januaries ago, was born on Easter. Usually Anne does a big brunch and egg hunt on this day but this year her kids are out of town. I never had the pleasure of knowing Hunter but I sure know about him. By all accounts he was a terrific kid and wise beyond his years. He did some incredible humanitarian things in his short life. There's a foundation at Pike Place market for homeless kids that Hunter started. Though he was only at college a short time, the whole time he was there he only ate soup for lunch and dinner. He went to food service at the end of the semester and cashed in all the money he had saved on his meal plan by spending it all on non-perishable food items. He loaded the car up with those and brought them back to Seattle where he gave them to the homeless. These are just a few of the remarkable things he did. So Easter is a day for remembering Hunter and it was a privilege to spend it with his mother. His mother's generosity and dedication to improving life for so many clearly helped form the wonderful kid Hunter was.
As long as we're at it, check this out. See how sweetly the Mini fits in my little parking space. Tucks in away from the road. Treating me to 38 plus mpg in city driving even. I think we'll get along well.
Friday night I got to take a few friends to the comedy club at Lincoln Square. My company was offered free tickets from the Parlor. The headliner was great and the second was pretty good too. Enjoyed the evening with Andrea and Jim and Anne. I highly recommend the chopped salad there as well. Best one I've ever had. Thanks Andrea and Jim for dinner. What a fun evening. Oh, and parking in Lincoln square was a treat as well. Really! I am usually prepared to do war with the parking attendants there as they force you into the ramp over to Bellevue Place. This time a sweet little old man told me to follow him into the first floor where he walked me to a little tiny painted out space. He said this space was made just for Minis. Made my day.

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U Can Still Play in the Rain said...

that is the cutest car ever! Just an FYI for you... keep a close eye on it whenever you are around my oldest daughter. She will try to hop in it and drive away!