Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Color: Orange

The story for orange came to me in a dream I had when my box of colors was just a few days new to me. I had been writing the colors and had this dream which wrote itself out of vividness and made me see orange.

Orange: Tiger in My Bed
(a dream)

I am in a bedroom, much like the guestroom at the house on Camino Street. I am sleeping restlessly and look over at the sidewall. A large pet tiger is there. Very big, apparently tame. I am a little shocked I have a pet like this. He puts his big paw out to me and I say some nice words. I get up to get a drink and notice this big tiger moves to my bed. I am too frightened to go back to bed so I close the door and curl up on the floor outside the hall, very cold, thinking how warm it would be to have the tiger in my bed but too dangerous.

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