Friday, April 17, 2009

Eating Worms

As is oft the case when the walk to school is in the rain, the topic of conversation is worms. Christine is telling me a story about a worm they found at recess. They had moved it around with a stick. Then the bell rang. As soon as they stepped away, a bird came and took the worm. I ask Christine if she would like to eat a worm.

“Ewww” she says. “That would be disgusting.” After a short pause she adds “But I know who could eat worms.”

“Who?” I am curious. Something interesting often comes from Christine’s mind.

“God. He could eat worms.” She says

Hmm. That answer takes me by surprise. But then she clarifies and it all makes sense. She says “God could eat worms. He would make them taste good.”

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