Thursday, April 9, 2009

Re-Programming for Health

Looking forward to the day when posting something about my pain is not even an afterthought in the blogs. But here's the update: I am trying the reflux treatment and have had some painless time. The doc said it may take several weeks to know if this is working. In the meantime I have to make some diet and lifestyle changes as well as take the medication. I am grateful I have insurance: the medication, at the current heavy dosage is over $120 a month without insurance. And that's for the generic. I have cut out the coffee but need to find out more about other foods and their impact. Now that I am aware, I can tie rising pain with what I've recently digested. I am trying to eat lots of apples (that's one thing I've found on the Internet that's supposed to help with reflux) and take apple cider vinegar tablets as well (another Internet find). I am not supposed to eat within 3 hours of going to bed, and to take the medication at least a half hour before eating. This all takes planning and conscientious effort. I don't have it down to a routine yet. I am however just glad to have something to try and a hope that I can get it under control. I definitely feel though like I am making some progress: I had enough motivation to clean the house and start to take care of some of the personal administrative things that I had neglected for far too long. I think that's a sign of getting better. My energy hasn't completely recovered, and though now I do at least have bursts of productiveness, I am wiped out when I finally do sit down and find myself nodding off to sleep in front of the TV or computer if I am not careful. Have a few things planned this weekend (comedy show at the Parlor on Friday, Italy trip planning on Saturday and road trip and Easter brunch on Sunday). I fantasize about doing that all with springlike weather...oh, if it could be true. But I won't complain: it's not 120-degrees and I won't be laid up in bed with pain. Life is good.


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