Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Am a Lesson

Teachers: they can change lives. Many people will tell you that a former teacher had really influenced their lives. In a good way. (Unfortunately, some in a bad way, but that is not what this particular post is about). My sister is such a teacher. A good one. She teaches sixth grade. She is a natural and her students love her. Testament to this is the fact that many of her former students are now her Facebook friends. I'm talking "kids" she taught a few years ago to "kids" she taught decades ago. She's that good.

Today she sent me a lesson handout in which she used me as the topic for a sample poem: something the kids were supposed to follow the format on. This is the poem:

Petite, curvy, brown-eyed
Generous, creative, witty
Gives great, thoughtful gifts
Plays with words
Delivers timely quips
She is my best friend.
L*** (last name)

The two things I like most about this poem is that she still thinks of me as "petite" (I am not) and that I am her "best friend" (which makes me grin from ear to ear. I think of her as the same for me)

So, using the instructions she gave her class, here is my counter poem:

Blue eyed, wavy haired, smile that melts
Inquizative, courageous, generous
Really works to know and understand others
Plays with numbers
Unfiltered in a crowd
She is my best friend.

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