Friday, October 23, 2009

This morning I was a princess....

and a Pirate. We had tea (scrambled eggs and rolls) and got visited by Batman. And a leprechan (how does one spell leprechaun?). I found out what I will look like with gray hair (not so good). In circle time three little princesses fought over who got to sit next to me. Let me say that again: THREE PRINCESSES FOUGHT OVER WHO GOT TO SIT NEXT TO ME! And I had four little buddies that wanted to hold my hand on the walk to school. I wished to be an octopus. Afterward my co-volunteers told me I needed to relax and have more fun with the kids (wink, wink). Two little girls blew me away at a subtraction game: they were really good. Much better than I was at their age. Even better than I am now. One showed me how she did it. I learned something new about basic math. Samantha read to me a real book. With new words and sounding out all on her own. Just last year she was newly getting it.
When I talk to the singles group at church about "opportunities to get involved" so many nod their heads, say things to me like "I am just so busy" or "you are such a good person" or "I am thinking about getting involved when...." What they don't understand is that I am not a "good person." I really do this for me. It's what gets me out of being a buried, isolated working drone. That it's not a matter of being busy. It's making choices about what I choose to be busy with. That thinking about getting involved is not the same as being involved.

My ego gets fed by dressing up as a princess and getting a visit from Batman. Princesses fighting over getting to sit by me (let me repeat that: PRINCESSES FIGHTING TO SIT BY ME) makes up for not getting picked on the gym class team in Jr. High. It makes up for sitting at home while my sister went to Homecoming dances. It makes me feel POPULAR. (is it bad to want to be popular?)

It is more than feeding my ego though. It just feels good to do good. That feeds my soul.
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