Thursday, October 29, 2009

Road Trip!

Tomorrow I get to see my sister and her family. Oh happy day! I also get to see my son in the same shot. Sis’ family is travelling to the ‘burg where Andy goes to school. My niece is swimming in a meet at my son’s college campus.

I have a kick-off meeting on a new project in the morning and then will head straight over the pass, hoping to catch my niece’s afternoon race. We’ll spend the evening and morning together. I believe Satchmo will be going with us.

I’m thinking a new Halloween costume may be in order. For Satch. Not me. There has been snow on the pass this weekend but it looks, according to the forecast, that I’ll be heading over and back in a break from the snow action. Which is a relief. I am not ready to test the snow worthiness of my car just yet.

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