Friday, October 9, 2009

I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing

...actually, the world has taught me to sing. Alas, not so beautifully. But I was happy to be able to send an iPod stocked with beautiful inspirational music (and some jazz and rock as well!) to this good missionary family in Sudan. Their work in the ministry of pampering, church building and just living a good example of a healthy and community caring family is a wonder to behold. Stephen, his wife, Victoria, and young son, Praise, are very musically gifted. Little Hallelujah was not yet speaking when I got to meet her, but I believe she has a good chance of being a singing wonder as well. I'm guessing this might be the first iPod in this area of Sudan. It was given with the request that as they learn new songs, they must still sing gloriously in their native tongue, and send me recorded performances as they can (this iPod has a recording device...hope they figure it out as I have no idea). I love that Stephen sent a thank you as "God will replenish your pockets abundantly." No doubt He has. Knowing how appreciative of this gift they were more than outweighs the pain from the Visa bill!

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