Friday, January 22, 2010

Blogging through a Cabernet Fog...

It is Friday. 6:30. I just polished off my third glass of a yummy Cabernet. I am not done yet. Toast yet. But not done. Tonight I shall char. I need to burn down into a little glowy lump of coal. This week was way too grown up. I have had to be well behaved. Tough work shit. Tough friend shit. Tough house shit. Tough shit.

I have fun plans for tomorrow evening. I must remember to take a big glass of water and a few asperin before I pull myself up the spiral staircase to bed. Have much to do tomorrow in preparation for the fun evening. In my home. My home looks like shit. I do not want to feel like shit.

Must remember to DVR Conan. It is 6:35. I will not make it to 11:30. Cannot miss his "Kiss My Ass" farewell.

I am trying to make a pearl out of this little speck of blackness under my skin. Way down under there. It's part of me and apart of me and this is getting way too deep for a blog. But it is a cabernet sponsored blog and so I am showing no respect for my personal boundaries. As I mentioned, this week has been way too grown up. My mouthy little girl is showing no restraint.

I am fairly certain that only three people will read this Cabernet soaked upchuck. I wish you were sitting next to me getting equally appauling. You so lovingly humor me. I love you. Cheers.
(btw, if one were determined to drink until it hurts, the pictured bottle of Cabernet, Novella '07 from Trader Joes, is my recommendation. It feels real good going down.)


U Can Still Play in the Rain said...

love it-coulda written it- only not as well!

Anonymous said...

Wow! We need to talk this weekend, for sure. I SO wish we were sharing that wonderful red liquid. I did do some damage on a bottle myself, but not with you. I'm glad you have tonight to look forward to. Love ya!