Friday, January 15, 2010

I Think I'm Going To Haiti

Someone asked me this morning if I wanted to go. Sometime, after things settle down. Maybe this summer? It was just a seed planted by a friend who had the thought that he should go as well. That maybe his church would sponsor his trip. I have no idea what type of group I'd be going with (or even with a group?) or what I would be doing. I just have a sense that I will be going in some way, shape or form. I may be teaching, building, cooking or just loving on these people. I felt a strong urge to go to New Orleans after Katrina and to New York after 9-11. I wasn't in a position to go then. But this time I may be.

Stay tuned. I may be doing some fund raising. I may even try to twist your arm to come too. I may be figuring out what things are most needed and hit you up to help collect and find donors.

I wasn't going to do any travel this year. Things are tight. Work unpredictable. But if it's a true calling then things will materialize. And so I will look for signs of confirmation that this is part of a Plan.

BTW, as far as Pat Robertson and his totally ignorant remarks go, I really liked THIS response.

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