Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bad Boyz, Bad Boyz, Watcha Gonna Do?

Last night I attended the first Charity Auction for Jubilee Reach Center, the community center where I volunteer on Friday mornings. It was held at TownSquare Marriott in Redmond. It was packed and some serious money was made for my favorite cause. So much to share, but seeing as I need to get my bottom out of bed and get going on the garden and house I'll just share my highlight.

As I do at most auctions, I bid lots of things up at the silent auction. I put my number on a ton of things that caught my eye, with the theory that if I ended up with them I wouldn't be bummed, but mostly I was doing my job to create interest and earn more money for JRC. When they passed out the winning slips to folks after dinner, to my relief I came in tops on only one item. Frankly when they gave me the slip I couldn't even recall which item it was. But it meant I came home with two very nice bootles of wine, some wine glasses and several appetizer offerings on a pretty tray.

However, when I looked at the items for the live bidding there was one I saw and determined to myself (and my table mates) that I was going to get it. This was only after TWO glasses of wine, so I really had most of my whits about me. I have no idea what prompted me to decide that this is what I was going to get. I convinced myself that I would go pretty high because I typically give generously to the Center, so why not consider my usual donations just helping me get something I really, really wanted this time.

My item came towards the end of the items. After the puppy and trips to Africa and stuff. Now, because Iwanted this item so much I was convinced that it would be a battle and that I would be going past my firm set limit (hmmm, need some boundaries work I guess). But fortunately most people had spent out by then, or, probably more likely, most people were not as inerested in this item as I was. What caught my eye....and I have no idea why....was a four hour drive along with a Bellevue Police Officer, time and date to be mutually agreed upon. Is that not fun or what? No? Well I think it will be. Though I realize that I think I am becoming affected by all my middle of the night time killing watching TRU TV of videos of arrests, car chases and bungling criminals. One of my friends from Dinner Club is dating a Bellevue Cop so I am going to make sure and consult with him on what the best times to go would be (I'm thinking a Friday or Saturday night): I want some exciting action! And I want to find out what copper to request to ride with. I don't want some fat meany that makes people cry. I want one that I can ask all kinds of questions and get good answers for. Like, if I really, really want to push Buttercup to see how fast she'll go, what's the best time and place to let her loose and likely not get caught? What's the best way to get out of a ticket and what are the best excuses you've ever gotten? I can think of a million questions about that, but they are being overshadowed by "Why is your azz still in bed on a beautiful morning when you have a million things to do before the party tonight? So I'm up. To be continued....

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U Can Still Play in the Rain said...

I sooooo would have bid on the same thing! I had clients that were in law enforcement and offered to let me do a ride along. I just never made the time and regret it. I told them if they got into a situation that required me to get out of the patrol car, just let me off at the nearest donut shop until it was safe for me to continue the ride!