Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Today I am smiling a big gushy ridiculous smile, but I can’t post why. I don’t want to jinx it! Let’s just say that I’m sitting on the edge of seeing how God puts things (like people) together. How He constantly molds good out of bad. How He does so much more for us than we would ever dream to ask for. No, I have not fallen in love. But I can be excited for someone else who might be.

Do you believe in love? Not the mother child, sister to sister, dear, dear friend, love of God kind of loves. But romantic, lifetime partner kind of love? I do believe in it because I have seen it. RARELY. There are very few couples that I know that share the kind of love that gives me hope, or even makes me want to be in relationship. And so, while sometimes I long for being in a committed relationship, most of the time I’m just relieved I am not!

I do however love to hear about when true romance happens and so today I am cautiously grinning. But here is a story I can tell. The fact that the story came from one of my boy crushes (see here) probably makes it all the more romantic. When I went to buy my Mini we spent a lot of time at the dealership. And R, my most wonderful salesman, mentioned that the dealership was closing down early the next day because a wedding was going to be held in the dealership. That’s right: a wedding in the dealership. He went on to explain that the couple getting married met in the waiting room of the service department. They had both brought their Mini’s in for annual service. Got to talking in the waiting room. Things went well and eventually they were engaged. And so they held their wedding at the Mini dealership. The thought of that just makes me smile. Hope it makes you smile too.



Anonymous said...

So tell!!

Lou Woods said...

Call me and I might. Not time to post about yet!

U Can Still Play in the Rain said...

I have my fingers and toes crossed and have a good feeling about this, don't know why but I just do!
Just think of the blog material we will have!

Lou Woods said...