Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finding Dead Bodies and Such...

We might have found a dead body! (How’s that for a grabbing open line?) So I was taking Satchmo out for a little walk this morning. We were passing in front of a small dirt driveway that leads into a drainage area where water is diverted under my roadway. About ten feet up from the road there was a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag looked to be wrapped around a curled up body. I decided I needed to get my imagination in check.

But then as we walked along the road I got a little freaked out so decided to turn around and see if it really looked like what I thought it did. It did. So then I figured well maybe it’s just a tossed out sleeping bag that seemed to land in a position that looked like it was wrapped around a body. But then what if it wasn’t? What if it was a dumped dead corpse with fingertips cut off and teeth pulled out? Or what if it was a runaway bank robber? Or runaway teen whose parents were looking for him/her? I had a long conversation with myself before I decided to call police. There was no way I was going up there to poke it myself. I called the dispatcher. Described what I saw. Noted that it could very well be an empty sleeping bag but it just didn’t look right. They said they’d send someone out to check and thanked me for calling.

While I waited I started to feel foolish. So I walked down there to see if it was still there. It was. And it still kind of looked like it could have been a person underneath. But it hadn’t moved. I hung nearby waiting for the police for a while but eventually realized I had other things to get thin done so headed back home. Fifteen minutes later I get a call from the Police who were confused about the location. So I agreed to meet them at the bottom of the hill. I nice officer pulled up. I point him to the location. He tells me to wait in the car, puts his hand on his unsnapped gun and goes around the corner. And keeps walking. Shit. Whatever/whoever it was has moved on. Good news: it wasn’t a dead body. Second good news: it wasn’t just an empty sleeping bag that I had got freaked out about. But…it was a body in a sleeping bag. Now it’s gone. We’ve got someone camping out in our woods. I sent an email to the neighborhood to caution them and to ask to keep their eyes open for signs of vagrants in the neighborhood. Never (hardly ever) a dull moment! Too much TV?

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