Friday, August 21, 2009

Living the Opposite

Last night I had a treat. I was invited out on Kathy and Russ's sailboat (41'?)to take Phalice sailing. Phalice is home on leave from her assignment as head of the Secondary School in Yabus Sudan, where I went earlier this year, with Kathy, among others. At one point Kathy looked at Phalice who was bundled up on the port side, which the boat was tipped towards on a tack. Kathy asked Phalice about her opposite living experience: she was on a boat on a large body of water with temperatures below 90-degrees, a beautiful meal of beef (not lentils) and fresh vegetables (not lentils) and cheese (not beans and rice)drinking a glass of red wine (not filtered water). Almost everything was opposite of what has become normal for her. Phalice answered with a contented sigh. I have to say that it looked like it suited her fine. The Seattle skyline glowed like hot coals along the waterline. Russ mastered the wind and I loved watching him and Kathy work together on managing the lines and buoys and such. They really are a good team. Refreshing to experience. I have really enjoyed getting back on sailboats this summer. There's a sweet rush I get being at the wind's mercy, trusting the captain and all the equipment but not really knowing what the course will be.
(I'm still learning how to work the iPhone camera. My apologies for the picture quality)

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