Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Kind of Evening

Tonight was exceptional. Went to the Columbia City Farmer's Market followed by dinner at La Medusa with Judy and Steve. This was a belated Birthday Celebration for me...finally able to do after having to reschedule a few times. Well worth the wait.

I think this is my favorite Farmer's Market so far. It also happens to be the time of summer with the best produce in so that probably helps. This neighborhood is diverse and hopping. Clean and safe but very busy. I stocked up on several great veggies that are waiting in my kitchen now to be used in a market inspired dinner for friends on Saturday.

Then the dinner...oh the dinner. La Medusa is a small restaurant that has both Sicilian and local market roots. Since Steve and Judy and I were in Sicily together a few years ago it's a fun thing to experience with them. Had a wonderful roasted cauliflower appetizer and took notes from the preparation description from the waitress so I can attempt at some later date. I had the pan seared chicken on polenta with green olives and almonds as garnish. I have to say it was the best restaurant chicken I've ever had and the polenta was to die for. For dessert I shared the zabaglioni with fresh huckleberries on top. All this accompanied by a beautiful Sicilian wine.

We were seated at the front window and I was as surprised to see a couple from work stroll by as they were to see me. I'm not sure if this is a first date, a couple thing going on, or just ...well I don't know. But it will be my secret for now. Then saw a woman I volunteer with at the Community Center program out on a date. Just so surprising to see people I know so far from the usual stomping grounds.
Then I came home I was watering my little patio out front. Enjoying the scent of the jasmine (still blooming!) and freshly harvested mint that I pulled for Judy. I had this weird thought: I am kinda jealous of myself. I'm not sure what that means. Something along the lines of I don't know how I've been so fortunate to get to experience evenings like this. Yes, there's stress about work and an uncertain economic forecast. I've got aging crap going on and things falling apart. Male/female relationship angst. And yet, I've never been more at peace and amazed at how blessed I feel. Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Sis! This post makes me so happy. You are in a great place. Your evening out sounded like such fun and I loved the pics. I like the idea that you are jealous of yourself. Keep that feeling. Love you so, j

U Can Still Play in the Rain said...

love this post :)