Monday, August 24, 2009

Lentil Festival Parade 2009

Small town, my town. Farming country. Celebrates the mighty lentil! I took Julie out for the festivities. Rob was in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament. Sarajane marched in the parade with her friend, Jasmine. They were clowns. Main Street closed down for the parade. Small town parades let anyone be in the parade. Julie and I may march next year. Because she can. This year I should have decorated her wheelchair with streamers and balloons.

There was the official parade turtle (a little girl proudly carrying her pet turtle). Kids on bikes. Horses and horse followers (who had the important job of keeping Main Street clear of horse leavings). Politicians and princesses. Police cars. Firemen. Gymnasts flying high. Bands and bagpipes. And a big, big pot of lentil chili. Hooray for Tastey Lentil, the official mascot! Hooray.

Parade followed by lunch in the beer garden in the park while listening to the live entertainment.

I found a lost child, about 2 years old. And eventually (like 10 minutes later) I found a very relieved mom.

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U Can Still Play in the Rain said...

Lentils... it might still be a bit soon for you to actually enjoy lentils!