Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wasband Rant

“Can I do anything to help?” were your empty words, oh Wasband of mine, on that last phone call when I almost said “I love you” which was a true testament to how exhausted I was. The ONE thing I requested…”Could you please help Andy with his car problem” to which you said “Sure” … you didn’t do. Yesterday I had to leave work early to help him take care of it myself. He was stranded with a car that didn’t work because you didn’t follow through.

Wasband, this caused me to slip and express my frustration with you to our son. I have tried so hard not to bad mouth you in front of him. When we first separated I told our son that I didn’t want to be one of those single mothers who put her child in an awkward position by saying bad things about the other donor to his gene pool. At that time I told him that I would try really, really hard not to do that, but that since I was human I may from time to time slip up. I gave him permission to call me on it if I did so and I promised if so called, I would cease and desist. And so, when I was lamenting the fact that you didn’t follow through on your offer to help OUR son with his problem Andy called me on it. And I ceased. But I am still seething. I see that your patterns of no follow through are still part of who you are. And I thank my lucky stars that I don’t have to live with the day to day frustration of that.

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