Friday, September 25, 2009

Brief Shelter

Don't you love that split second of quiet and stillness under the overpass when you are driving through a rainstorm. Feels like if you had wings they would instantaneously lift up for a second before slamming back down again after you pass through that void. I'd like to see an overpass up ahead right now!

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Laura said...

yes. I know that stillness. And I would never think to write about it. And you wrote it so beautifully.

I have been back reading your posts...I always wondered about your name! Your PEN NAME post made me tear up...what a fabulous story.

I have to play with my children...I have been baking all day and they have been in front of the TV for hours...but I look forward to finding an underpass I can sneak away to, and finish reading up on you.

Something about you intrigues me...