Monday, September 28, 2009

Speaking of Birds Dropping out of the Sky...

These were the wonderful veggies I scored from Andrea's garden: fresh tomatoes and basil (Crostini for dinner last night), a cabbage, some carrots and lots of fresh potatoes. I feel rich. Like royalty. To dine on such fresh, beautiful veggies.

And there, hiding in the potatoes, as I washed this one off...a BIRD! A little baby bird. Beak, tufts of feathers on the crown, little wing stubs on each side, little foot stubs on the bottom, little eyes on each side of the head and a pointed tail.

See, eyes on each side. Last week I saw a lady on Jay Leno who had a heart shaped potato. Big whoop. Look at this bird! How do I take this to fame and fortune? Before it shrivels and rots into an unrecognizable lump of vodka? Anybody know. Funny how this landed right after I posted on gods message from the sky. Are birds my omen of something? I was kind of holding out for dollar bills stuck in unsuspecting places. Not necessarily birds. But this is definitely interesting, no?

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Jay Leno said...

send this photo here now