Friday, September 4, 2009

Sam's Bedtime

Jill brought Sam and Natalie by last Saturday evening on their way home. I was really happy that Anne, Nancy and Kathy were able to finally meet Jill’s kids. After they left there was much buzz about how cute and delightful both Sam and Natalie were. Nancy was relating the conversation she had with Sam when she asked him “What time do you go to bed?”

To which Sam, who was very determined to give a really good answer though he had no idea really what time he goes to bed…just knew it was related to numbers and he had to come up with something, responded “Well, I usually go to bed, um at um bed time um which us um the time is um well just about this” (as he holds his hand flat at chest level).

Brilliant! Love that kid! Natalie also got a kick, along with everyone else when Sam and I showed them how I’ve trained Sam to do the same trick as Satchmo. First we put a piece of food out for Satch and said leave it. Satch waited patiently, looking at me, not daring to look at the treat until I released him with an “OK.” Next I put a chocolate chip on the table in front of Sam, telling him “Leave it!” He waited and waited looking at me until I released him with an “OK” and he gobbled it up. We all clapped. Sam held his head proudly as if he had just won a quiz show. And Natalie just laughed at her little brother. Too cute!

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