Monday, September 14, 2009

Crusty Pups and Chocolate Covered Bacon: Doing the Puyallup

I was so thrilled to be invited to go to the fair with Jill and the kids. In my book the fair has to be done with kids.

Animals were entertaining

Sam showed Natalie a bunny. The bunny was very curious about us too.

Sam helped me go down the big slide. We screamed. A lot.

And Jill was like the third child. I have never seen an adult so excited for the fair. It was the fair food!

Sunshine (OK, maybe a little too much!), Crusty Pups (otherwise known as corn dogs), Merry Go Round, Big Slide, horses and cows and chicks (Oh My), two adorable kids: invited to go on "vacation" with a good friend. Life is good. The only let down: the chocolate covered bacon was not as good as it sounded (I know, you laugh).

And then, at the end of such a wonderful day: getting to hang out at the lake to cool down with good friends. That's what I'm talking about. Sigh....

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