Tuesday, September 1, 2009

oooh oooh That Smell. Can't you smell that smell?

It must be because today is September 1st. Lots of talk on the news about kids returning to school. The weather turning to the perfect balance between cool and sunny. That must be why, when I got off the lobby elevator from the garage the lobby smelled like….a school cafeteria. You know that smell. Something like the smell of browning ground beef and mushroom soup. And paper bags. It smelled just like that to me and my heart went flutter with anticipation: will this year be a good one? Will I have the same lunch period as my handful of friends? Will a boy maybe like me this year? Will I feel less like a dork? Will I get one step closer to leaving town for a new beginning? Will my clothes be cool enough? Enough for what I don’t know, but enough? Will I get good enough grades with my lack of effort to do so?

All this from the lobby smell of lunch cooking. I am soooo glad it was just the smell and not the whole experience again. That would have really stunk!

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