Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekend Wimp....

This weekend I haven’t much on the calendar. I was invited to go with a friend to watch a high school football game this evening. I declined. My gut told me no. Why? Truthfully, I don’t want to feel as old as I think I will feel sitting in the stands watching goofy kids make out and be…well, just normal goofy kids. Just thinking about it makes me feel old. My friend asked me why I didn’t want to go. I thought about why my instant answer was “no thank you.” I was self aware enough to know it was the age thing. Then I turned down an offer to go on a road trip with another friend. My gut told me no. Why? I kinda just want to hang around and do nothing. I haven’t done that in a while.

I am going to be spending most of Saturday working at the new Heart and Home Center, helping them get set up to open for business soon. It will be fun hanging out with friends, doing the dirty work together, laughing about the silly things people donate to the center. Sunday is whip the garden into shape day, followed by church at 6:00. Sounds good, right? In the midst of that I have got to catch up the laundry. ‘Else I’ll be wearing my underwear inside out next week. And I am kind of disgusted with having to smell the armpits of my clothes to decide whether I can get away with wearing them again. So laundry is a definite “to do.”

So, why do I feel like I need to have a better answer when I get asked “Got any good weekend plans?” The little girl liar in me fights to make up something thrilling. Like “I’ll be going on a 30 mile hike, followed by dinner in town before catching a play at the Rep.” The little girl liar in me wants to pretend that the cleaning lady will take care of the house cleaning and laundry I must do while I go sailing with friends. And then check out the opening of the Bravern where Jimmy Choo Shoes, Louis Vuitton and Neiman Markus are opening up (though I have to admit I am pretty excited that there will be an Anthropologie and a Trophy Cupcake shop nearby). That’s what all the “it people” are doing this weekend. I am so not it. OK, the sailing would be nice. And I’m sure I’ll take up an offer on something like that soon enough. But I plan to be content just doing laundry, helping out at the shop and doing anything else I can get my butt motivated enough to get off the couch to do. Which may be nothing else.

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