Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another Confession...(i snoop)

Another true confession: I am a snoop. Not a gossip (your secret is safe with me!) but remember the confession of a present peeking girl? Well to continue that theme: I am just so excited to have in my hands the last installment from Frank Warren of Postsecret A Lifetime of Secrets. I am so looking forward to snuggling into the pillows tonight and checking out what secrets have poured out of people. There is something a little sneaky, a little special to be filled in on those things that haunt folks when those closest to them probably don’t know. There are also lots of good ideas for stories as you fill the back stories in in your head. There are secrets that touch very close to my own memories, feelings or indiscretions that I am too ashamed to admit to real people in real life. There are several others that exercise my empathy bone.

I was actually feeling a little sheepish at the cash register. Often when I am standing at the checkout line at the bookstore I pray that I don’t get one of those chatty clerks who will want to discuss my selection because I think that sometimes my selections may say more about me than I want a stranger to know. Today my selection proclaimed to the clerk that I am a snoop. Along with my latest Postsecret addition I also snagged a copy of Other People’s Love Letters by Bill Shapiro. This, like Postsecret books contained copies of very personal notes and letters that are unclaimed. They tell a lot and leave so much more unanswered. My mind gets to imagine the back story in these as well. So as the clerk started ringing up my purchase he grabbed the Love Letters book and said “Gunner,” (Gunner was the name of the young female clerk at the next register…and I think that precious name on a cute young woman is a wonderful story in itself), he said “Gunner, she’s got your favorite book.”

Gunner sized me up and said “Oh, I am such a snoop. I love that book. You are a snoop too?” She smiled approvingly.

I guess I am. And so now, I’m off to snoop at some letters and secrets.

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