Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Other Blog: Sudan

I've been busy this weekend putting together the blog that I am responsible for that will document my Sudan team's experience. If you want to follow it, it's here. Three more weeks of work to get under my belt, and a bit more shopping, packing and organizing and then we are on our way. There has been lots of discussion about the roles that each of us will play: both our roles on the team and what we will be doing when on the ground in Sudan. Hanna and I have been talking especially about how to bond with the women of the village. Hanna has had lots of experience on other mission trips. She mentioned that in Ethiopia she found that women everywhere love to be pampered and she made great strides in sharing hand lotion and painting toenails. So on Thursday evening Hanna and I are going nail polish and lotion shopping. There is something about painting the toes on these feet that have travelled such a hard road that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Hanna said the feet can be pretty bad, some don't even have nails, in which case we just paint an area on the toe. This picture is of Hanna (with the yellow bandana) bonding with Uduk women (Sudanese refuges) at a refuge camp (Bonga) in Ethiopia.

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