Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolution Revolution

The pressure is on: it’s a new year. The annual new beginning. My only resolution is to get my windshield replaced. Sometime in 2009. Notice the lack of pressure I’m putting on myself. I’ve been driving around with some big spreading cracks for months now. All it will take is a call or two and I know the windshield folks would come and take care of it. For some reason I just haven’t been able to get around to it. It’s not like I haven’t had time to do it. I could say that but it wouldn’t be honest. It’s symbolic of all the little things I can’t quite get myself to do. I’ve taken on the procrastination patterns that used to drive me crazy about my ex. And I’m not liking it. I have a major home repair that I need to get on top of. It has to do with dripping water and wood rotting inside. I KNOW it is imperative to get it fixed and the longer I wait the worse the damage will be. Because of it I’m risking getting trapped in my shower some time. But I am not doing anything about it, much. I have called a handyman to come look at it but haven’t followed through on his message. There are some major things I need to take care of at work and I’m not doing them. I was thinking about something about writing every day. Yet, staring into the face of the new year and not having anything profound to write I’m shying away from that one too. So, about these things, about having the self discipline to get things done….I suck. But I am not going to put any additional pressure on myself about failing to get them done. That’s being a kinder, gentler person to myself. Say, maybe that’s a resolution I’ll take on.

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