Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Answer Me This

Yesterday I went to Radio Shack at lunch break to exchange my digital recorder that wasn't working. I had originally bought it last summer when I had delusions about conducting interviews to use in submissions to "This American Life." But then I thought it would also be handy to record some of the village singing in Sudan and to interview some of the missionaries and any of the village people who know enough English to be able to converse. I wanted to ask about their lives. What it's like to put that much trust in God, so as to give up life as you know it and plop yourself into an African village. And now I'm thinking I would like to find the opportunity to interview the "man (and woman) in the street" in Nairobi about their thoughts on America in light of the election of our new President. Good plans, no? So I loved it when the clerk asked me if I was a reporter because I needed a working digital recorder before I left on my trip. I'm kinda liking the way that feels. As long as it's a journalist reporter. I would not survive seeing myself on camera in front of the public. Every once in a while in the middle of the night when I can't sleep I'll be flipping through the channels and on the public channel where they air public meetings I'll see one where I'm presenting and I have to turn it off...knowing I will be coming on. And then I can't sleep. I am sick to my stomach knowing people are looking at me. ...i digress...Back to reporting from Africa. Hopefully the digital thing will work and then I can download it and put it on this blog, somehow. There must be a way. Stay tuned...

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