Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gone Today...Hair Tomorrow...

I have been dumped, or so it feels. My hairdresser has moved to Texas. Just five weeks ago we were chatting it up, making plans for me to come back and get a “clean-up” before I took off on my trip. I called today to double check on her hours this Saturday and was told she’s “moved to Texas.” My heart plopped out of my chest and into my garbage can. How could she do this to me? I thought we were friends. I thought she had my back. She was always in my heart and prayers. Especially after our last visit when she told me that she had broken up with her fiancĂ© and taken up with the accountant next door, though still living with her ex-fiancĂ©. I mean these are things that really good girlfriends share. They don’t tell you these things, make plans to see you again and then just move out of town. She’s the one who I trusted to lop off my shoulder length hair just before I took off to Italy last time (so that means I’ve been with her more than two years) and give me my short, grown up hair cut. She was there for me not so long after my divorce was finalized. I think I even showed her my navel piercing. She asked me good, hard questions about what it was like to interact with the wasband. I filled her in on my concern and love and pride for my son. In fact she cut his hair many a time too. She was of the generation I love to mentor (in her twenties) and seemed to have grateful tolerance when I told her a few times that I would pray for her…like when her identity got stolen and when she told me of her mother’s brain tumor.

Lindsey, I’m gonna miss you. Yes, it’s a pain in the azz and really scary to think about having to find a new hairdresser who will know what to do with my hair. One with whom ESL is not an issue and “gets me.” How could you? Safe travels, my friend. Travelling mercies. You are a really, really good hairdresser and I will miss you. Not just for your haircuts, but for your intelligence and curiosity. For your openness and …I am weeping now. Must go.

Your heartbroken client, J

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U Can Still Play in the Rain said...

Hey Jennifer,
As you may know, I am a hairdresser and a darn good one if I do say so myself. I will be legal when you get back from Sudan so if you need a stylist, I need a client! I understand you need to get a clean up before you leave but I should be up and running in a few weeks... just throwing that out there and wanted to let you know that English is my first language! HA!