Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Secret Artist

One thing I’ve noticed about keeping a blog is it forces me to be more observant in every day life. You never know where you will find something that might give you material for the blog. Now whether you, faithful reader, find my discoveries interesting is another matter (but I hope so). But at least it gives me fodder for something to add lest there go too many days without anything new.

So this is what I have to add today. I went to the 6:00 PM church service last night. There was a great sermon on taking risks, living an exciting life. It’s the Jan 11 sermon on Powerful Prayer. In fact, if you want to listen it can be found on the FPCB website. I thought the sermon very appropriate for what I have coming ahead. But in addition to that, this is what I have to share. The photo above is scanned from the service handout that I was given on my way in. They recycle the handouts for the 9:45 service to the 6:00 service. People are encouraged to turn in their handout on the way out of the earlier service so it can be re-used at the next one. The one I got at the later service had this picture on it. Somebody had drawn it during the earlier service. I think it looks like some kind of cross between a KISS rock star and an Indian Princess (like Hiawatha?) Perhaps it was given to me so that I could paste it on here so that it could end up in the world, anonymously, rather than being thrown in the recycle world to be forever obliterated. Now I’ve done my part…..

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