Monday, December 29, 2008

Warning: Contains a Rant!

The Stones “Satisfaction” (as in “I can’t get no”) is playing in my head. This mother did all she could, even being nice and cooperative with the Wasbund and taking on the old roll of taking responsibility for the shopping for product of the beloved offspring of this ill-fated marriage. But alas, all is not well. Said package, was all set to be delivered the 23rd (which in my book is “in plenty of time for Christmas”) but that was the day the snow hit and all hell broke loose. For the next three days we hovered over the delivery status on the UPS site, left notes on the doors with instructions of what to do just in case they came while we were indisposed (as in in case I was in the bathroom and son was plugged into earphones) or had wandered out to case the neighbor’s food supply in our snowed in conditions. The package did not come in and the UPS folks were apologetic. I got that: I couldn't venture out: was not hopeful that they would be able to deliver. I was still very sweet and understanding. Dealt with wasbund's constant inquiries as to “do you know where it is?” followed by the oh, so helpful “It would be good if he could open it on Christmas” (no sh#t Sherlock!). So I get to wrap a beautiful little box with a sorry little note about what’s coming just as soon as the weather breaks. Son is OK. He knows I tried and I keep him informed on my conversations. Then UPS informs me that air deliveries will have priority (not ground) because of the back ups (I say why not make them all a priority? Is that possible?) and they will be delivering no ground shipments over weekend nor on New Years Eve Day nor New Years. If we are lucky they will deliver on Monday (today) or Tuesday.

I check the tracking number today. No update to the status of “undeliverable due to elements.” So I call. First I have to go through a series of inputs and number pressing (I tried going straight to “0” for Customer Service but no luck) then get on hold and get to listen to a loop of jingle about how wonderful UPS is and all the guarantees for holiday delivery). Finally I get a young woman who is very apologetic. I had self talked myself to be kind and understanding, knowing that they are probably dealing with a whole bunch of frustrated people and knowing that the poor girl who is getting my call is not the one that is delaying delivery. But she tells me that the status hasn’t been updated and therefore they don’t know where my package is. OK. Not sounding good for delivery today. Then she says I have to call Best Buy to ask them to initiate a search. I say they won’t be able to tell me any more than you: you guys have my package. I am initiating the search. She says I am not. Best Buy has to. I tell her this makes no sense. I don’t want to call Best Buy. They don’t have my package, UPS does and I would like them to put a trace on it. No can do. So I grudgingly say I am not happy but I will do this ridiculous thing. She says “thanks for calling” and I can’t help myself and mumble “as if I had a choice.” Oh, I so did not want to go off on this girl. But then I am off to the Best Buy Customer Service maze where I again push a series of buttons after listening to a series of recordings and get on hold on another interminable loop of Best Buy advertising jingles. The first time I try to put it on speaker phone after ten minutes of holding I accidentally disconnect and have to start all over again. I say a bad word. Then, initiating another call and finally reaching that gosh-awful loop I put it on speaker and it is a 45 minute wait until this nice lady comes on. She first checks to see if the product is available at any local stores. It is not. So she issues a re-order that will be sent express air and we are hopeful that we will get it tomorrow or Wednesday (though I am not telling my son tomorrow is a possibility). Now I call my son to tell him the whole sad story. Apparently he did not hear the part about how I’ve been on the phone over an hour trying to get this fixed out. All he wants me to know is that this puts a terrible burden on him as he won’t have time to get it loaded up and set up before he leaves to return to school (which by the way he will if it comes on Wednesday). Lots of heaving sighing on his end. I won’t tell you what I was doing on this end. Then I get to deliver this message to oh so helpful Wasbund, by e-mail of course, because talking is way too aggravating to stomach. In this mood I cannot be responsible for what might fly out of my mouth as I get a lecture on how this is a let down for my son, or worse yet, end up apologizing for ruining everyone’s holiday and taking personal responsibility for causing a snowstorm to hit the area and ruin the economy and the whole region’s holiday as well. That was my old pattern. That is why I e-mail when possible.

I am sure this post is a total bore. But it is what is consuming me at the moment…when I should be working. So I get this off my chest with this post and then I can return to things I actually can have success with. This does not include anything to do with the weather, the economy, nor the state of mind of my wasbund or child. I am not even going to send a nasty note to UPS. I am just so darn happy that I finally got a helpful person at Best Buy and will bask in the belief that all will work out…until it doesn’t. In fact I think I’ll try to get a massage on the way home (I have a gift card) and do something for me.
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