Friday, December 19, 2008

What Will You Hang on Your Tree?

One of the fun things I'm discovering by writing a blog is a plethora of wonderful blogs out there. People who are great writers, impressive crafters and lots of mothers who are just...well, words fail me. My gift for you today is this. Read THIS, now. I swear, you will be laughing and much more loving of yourself in this stressful season. What will you hang on your tree?

There are so many wonderful blogs out there. Here are a few I want to spotlight. I know, none of my blog readers have endless time on their hands. My friends and family have busy hands...and lives. Me, I choose writing and reading over sleep. Which is why I am finding and keeping up with some of these people, strangers really. But, if you are "stuck" at home due to the snow, you might want to check these out:

C Jane Enjoy It This beautiful blog is written by Courtney, a young mother of one baby (affectionately refered to as "the Chief") which is the result of a huge battle against infertility. She's recently published on the subject, but the real impressive thing is that she is also currently caring for her sister's three children. Her sister, Stephanie, and brother in law were badly burned, but survived a small plane crash in August. So while her sister is still in hospital, she has these three additional children, and the care and concern for her sister as well. Her sister had a good blog too (NieNie) which is currently trying to keep alive with reruns at request from readers. The sisters are part of a larger Mormon family that we get to know through the blog. I am so impressed with these two women and the care for each other, spouses, children. The blogging community has taken the sisters recovery under their wing and there is much fundraising for the sister as add on. Done sweetly, and specially and not at all distracting from the blog.

St. Udio (which is a take on "studio" I think) This young mother and her husband, with two very young children of their own, have adopted three young siblings out of the foster care system. The adoption isn't final yet so pictures of the adoptive children aren't on yet. I just admire this young mom's dedication to her family, her desire to do something for the world by taking on these children, the fondness she speaks of her husband (it's always so refreshing to see good couples in action, especially if you hang out with a lot of women who have not had that experience), her craftyness, etc. It's a nice slice of life to gaze in on.

Piece of Cake This is the blog that I cited in the intro. She's just plain funny and so honest. And I am going to bake her angel kisses cookies this afternoon if I can get out on the roads to the grocery to get supplies.

Under the Clouds This is written by Amy, who recently moved to our area from California. Cousin to my dear friend Jill, I am honored to be invited to join their Christmas dinner this year. I'm a little like Mary this year, with no place to go for Christmas dinner, since last minute changes were made and Andy is with his father instead of the usual spending it with me. But I digress...I like following Amy's blog because I know her and she's another impressive mother who is dedicated to her kids, her home, her family and is real and honest about it.
Anyway, if you are snowed in today, you might want to browse a few of these. But for sure read the first one linked...this one: here. and tell me, what will you hang on your tree? Enjoy!

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