Monday, December 22, 2008

Stocking Stalking

I am thinking of Little House on the Prarie and how they made Christmas over what they had in the house. I am pretty concerned I will not get to the store before Christmas. Fortunately, Andy is the only one I am trying to make a special Christmas for. But still, the Santa in me wants to make it special. Well it will be special, but I'm afraid 'specially bad if he can't get out and to be with his friends pretty soon. He as adapted the "I am just going to sleep through my mysery" tact. I already gave him the I-tunes cards that were to go in his stocking to give him something fun to do. I purchased a few things for him to unwrap and those are under the tree. But the stocking...that's what I really love to do. And, what I really am not prepared to do without going to the store. I believe I will march down to the "Little Store" down the street and buy candy as filler. The little store is really not much more than a gas station store, without the gas station. But they are troopers. They were opened two years ago through the ten day power outage, handing folks flashlights and hand totaling the purchases. It is a trek from here, but on level floor and thank God we have at least that. I am guessing that by today they are getting a little slim on shelves, which just encourages us to be very creative in our cooking. But back to the stocking. I have a few very small things I had picked up but will have to create the rest from what we have. This may be the year he remembers as the one he got a can of Clam Chowder in his stocking. How about a bar of Dial soap? I have lots of girlie things...things I have picked up for friends or could regift. But I really think he'd be a little confused with that scented candle and nail polish. I might just give him a nice bottle of wine. He is not quite 21. Close enough to share a special glass with me every once in a while but not old enough to buy his own. I am guessing he would be quite jazzed to get his own gift bottle of wine, and it would fill up a lot of space in that stocking. But would it be sending the wrong message? Well, I am off to pull on the boots and mittens and all so that I can trek to the Little Store before the next snow front comes on, as has been promised. I will be sure to take pictures of what we come up with for the stocking.
Isn't this a cute stocking? I think I may have to order it for Satchmo's Christmas next year from this site. Oh my, Satchmo's Christmas. I usually pick up a few new toys for him. I will have to get real creative on that. At least my neighbors picked up a bag of dog food for him the first day we were snowed in. "Just in case" we were stuck more than a day. Thank goodness!

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