Friday, December 5, 2008

Diversity Rocks!

I looked around our conference room today and thought “this looks like a set up picture for ad print showing workplace diversity." We were previewing a demo of a really cool intersections system piece of equipment (I know…potentially geeky boring, but really, this was cool and so more advanced than the current industry standard) and had several of our staff, invited staff from a few local agencies and the two men out from Tennessee who brought the demo. Of the 12 people in our conference room, there were: three women (which may not sound hugely diverse, but for our profession it is actually a good representation), two of who are Asian; and of the nine men; two Asian, two Middle Eastern, one African American and four Caucasian. Ages ranged from just out of college twenties to almost to retirement sixties. As far as diversity, the world is becoming a much better place! Something to celebrate.

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