Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This is what they look like. Yep. I'd like to thank whoever you were that prayed for my sanity and rescue after that last post. Shortly after, Leah called and said she and Marlin were coming back from work and were dreading going back home to be stuck again so would love to come by and gather us up and take us out. "Yes, YES "I said. Marlin even got his wonderful all-wheel-drive up our hill before I could walk down. Andy's angels pulled through too. Just as I was arranging this with Leah, one of his friends called and said he had his mom's good snow car out and was on his way to gather him up. So Andy headed off with his friend (and will spend the night) and I went with my friends. We headed to Bell Square. Oh the traffic was thick. The garage looked impossible. We were giving up and heading out when lo and behold, a spot opened up. May have been a result of a most useful prayer you all should learn if you don't use it already. Goes like this "Hail Mary, Full of Grace. Help us find a parking space. Amen." Works every time. We divided and conquered. I got a few more things for Andy and found the head mount flashlight I need for my upcoming trip. Then we headed to Redmond and had a most wonderful dinner at Typhoon. What a treat. Food cooked by someone else and fresh vegetables. Adult conversation. Thai beer. Ordered lots. I don't know how long it will be before I get out again so I wanted left-overs. Then, the grocery store. Surprisingly uncrowded. Though there were several shelves that were very low on inventory. But I was able to pick up vegetables, some good steaks for Christmas Eve dinner, flour and other things for baking, good red wine, some lottery tickets for stockings and best of all: a chocolate orange for Andy's stocking. This is something he always gets in his stocking and lo and behold there was one, just one mind you, left on the shelf. Waiting just for me.
It felt so good to get out. Inspired, I came home and began mucking out the house. Put all our glassworking away and reclaimed the dining room table. With my beautiful Poinsettia as centerpiece. I have a few more things to wrap now and baking to do tomorrow. All is good. Andy will now get two stockings. One will contain the fun things I've gathered up for him and of course the chocolate orange. The other will be his snowbound stocking, including the can of chili, bacon bandaids and the air-freshener tree for his car. I mean really, that will be something to remember and remind us how grateful we are to have angels in our life. Me, I feel like a new person. Amazing what going out in public and having a good dinner with friends can do. I'm good now for a few days. Now, to sleep in heavenly peace. Goodnight!

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