Friday, December 26, 2008

Tried a New Recipe: Angel Kiss Cookies

When I was sprung from the house the first time by Leah and Marlin I got what I needed to try a recipe given on one of my favorite blogs, Piece of Cake. I also got back energy, and hope, and a reason to get out of bed. And so I baked. The recipe starts with cream cheese and butter. That was enough for me. I forgot to get the white chocolate chips the recipe called for so used some semi-sweet ones I had instead. Anyway, they turned out quite delicious, though maybe not as pretty as if I had used white. Andy is helping with the consuming as are some of my neighbors that I shared with. Me...well I try one (or two) every so often just to make sure it's a recipe worth sharing. The consensus is yes. I wish I could share some of them with you but since I can't I'll point you in the direction of the recipe here for Angel Kiss Cookies.
Gotta love this ending to the directions:

"Eat any broken pieces and crumbs immediately. Eat hot off of the baking sheet. Just go and eat them all.
Finish the bottle of wine.
Take off your apron. Take off your shirt. Take off your pants. Run around naked.
And don't forget to turn off the oven."

I did finish the wine and turned off the oven. However, I will wait to do the stripping and running around naked until Andy is back at school. Satchmo can handle it.

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