Sunday, December 21, 2008


Tomorrow, Monday, will be my fifth day snowbound. Judy says my snow karma is way too powerful. On Wednesday morning when I woke up I experienced one of those elementary school morning feelings when everyone prepares for a snow day and one doesn't come. I did get a day in at work and got important things done, but for the second night in a row I brought a trunk of work home...just in case. When I went to bed Wednesday night though the news was showing snow all around not a flake had floated down on our little cottage. And so I wished for snow. When the alarm went off at 5 AM I tentatively pulled back the shade, and yup, the snow karma came through. I got my snow day. I followed through on some of the work projects I could handle from home on the VPN. Snuggled in my bed, looking out at the snowglobe action outside my window, chipping away at work...just didn't feel like work. Friday more snow, Saturday more snow, and today, more snow. Our hill is pretty much impassable. Andy did park his car down below so when roads clear up along the lake we could get in and out when that clears. I won't be able to get my car down the hill for some time after I'm sure. It's always the last to clear and is quite icy. So we've been working on glass, eating out of boredom, catching up on reading and writing, etc. I had a long conference call with the Sudan team as we had to cancel our scheduled face-to-face meeting as nobody could travel. Andy's dad came in his mighty Subaru to take Andy out to finish his Christmas shopping and to pick up some groceries for us. Even with that little outing he got, he is otherwise going stir crazy. He and his friends are all stuck at home with their parents and unable to do all the fun things they had planned. Some of his friends are in even worse shape, stuck at airports across the country, unable to get into the airport. There are storms all across the country and even if they could get into Seattle they aren't able to get out of their home airports. We've been down the lake with the dog a few times. He loves the snow but gets cold pretty quick. Then we come back to the cozy cottage. The Christmas tree is lit and the swags swiggle around the staircase. It's cozy. But it's getting old!

Stay warm!

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U Can Still Play in the Rain said...

I could not have expressed it better myself... Can you say "cabin fever"??????