Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Letting Go of It....

I was really angry about an injustice today. Something that left me feeling how unfair things can be. About the balance of power and money and how that affects me personally, even though I have so very much to be grateful for. It was really eating at me. And then it popped into my head about how to reach out to those "haves" to give them an opportunity to do for the "have nots" (not me directly, but in some way providing a little personal redemption). So I launched that out there and will leave it to these folks that have lost the ability to understand the world they live in, and I will see what they do with this opportunity. I can't change the way they divide the spoils. I don't want to waste the energy in ruminating on the dissapointment. All I can do is make it possible for them to show me that there is heart somewhere in there and see what happens. I am prepared to be let down. But at least I feel like I took some action other than just whining and comiserating with the multitude of others who are also feeling the sting. I can let it go and if any of them decide to respond, well then that will just be a cherry on top!

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